Jennifer Anteau


My name is Jennifer, I founded Made With Love Not Gluten Bakery in October 2012 after a lifetime of baking.


I hold a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  Prior to opening my bakery, I was a licensed physical therapist.


My grandmother inspired me to bake even as a little girl.  She taught me everything she knew.  Even today, people in my hometown remember her delicious saffron rolls and traditional English pasties (click HERE to learn about pasties).  Grandma taught me to enjoy baking, and that is the love that I put into everything I bake.


After I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2009, I was routinely disappointed by the taste, texture, and quality of the gluten free products that were available on the market at the time.  For the sake of my children, who are also intolerant to gluten, I became determined to successfully develop gluten-free versions of my grandmother's recipes that tasted as good as hers.


I am trained by GREAT kitchens, and I take the utmost care to prepare a consistently delicious completely gluten-free product for you and your family to enjoy.



Keeping You Gluten Free Since 2012